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YIAIMAI has a comprehensive and professional technical testing laboratory with equipment

  • Release time: 2023-10-13

YIAIMAI has a fully equipped and professional technical testing laboratory. The existing bulk material database in the laboratory carefully confirms the performance figures based on over 2000 bulk material samples. For example, air consumption, delivery pressure, speed and maximum production capacity, material to gas ratio, etc.


The laboratory can conduct comprehensive testing on customer specific bulk materials to obtain the actual conveying performance of specific bulk materials and determine system operating parameters. Mainly including:

Obtain important system design information that has been verified. Such as the transferability and flowability of materials.

Obtain optimization time, program logic, etc. for system equipment debugging and operation.

Obtain the actual quality of the material after transportation and operation. Such as the degradation of materials, the segregation of mixed materials, etc.

Obtain the actual operational performance of the system. For example, air consumption, dust collection, etc.

Other nature of customer concern. For example, the particle size distribution and flowability of materials.


We are committed to the transformation of management systems and service models, emphasizing every aspect and detail of the project. Throughout the entire process of product design, research and development, production, sales, installation and debugging, and service, new employees are full of innovation and constantly pursue more challenging and creative work.

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