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Case study of Shanghai conveyor system project

  • Release time: 2023-10-19

Project Introduction:

Project content: Centralized feeding system, drying, metering and batching.

Supply form: ton bags

Material type: PET granular material, crushed material. (Extruded Sheet Production Line)

Conveying capacity: 150KG/hour – 600KG/hour

Transportation distance: From the raw material area to the storage hopper, the transportation distance of different raw materials between different processes is about 30-80 meters.





Process description:

Using a positive pressure conveying system, unpacking is carried out from the manual ton unpacking station in Zone A, and the positive pressure is conveyed to the unpacking material box in Zone B. The manual ton bag unpacking station comes with an electric hoist.

Workers do not need to stand on high platforms to unpack. After unpacking, it will be transported under positive pressure, with a capacity of no less than 10 tons per hour. Within one hour, 10 tons of materials can be dismantled. Then, it is transported to the unpacking material box in Zone B for temporary storage.

When transported to the high level of the unpacking material box in Zone B, the conveying fan stops running. Wait for the material level of the unpacking material box in Zone B to be lower than the low level. The system will output a low material level reminder alarm.

Use a negative pressure suction machine to feed all dehumidification and drying hoppers. Ensure continuous feeding of the drying hopper.




On site installation photos:



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