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Lithium battery positive electrode material project case study

  • Release time: 2023-10-19

Project Introduction:
Material: NCM sintered crushed material.
Bulk density of materials: 1-1.8 kg/cm ³。
Conveying output: 550Kg/h.
Conveying distance: 190 meters.
Design calculation
Delivery tank capacity: 140L.
Effective diameter of conveying pipeline: 3 inches.
Average gas consumption: 1.65m ³/ Min.
Compressed gas supply flow rate: 2.96 m ³/ Min.
Compressed gas storage tank size: 900L.




Process description:

The sintered material passes through the elevator, passes through the screen, and enters the dense phase sending tank. The sending tank is made of stainless steel with a tungsten carbide coating on the inner wall. Start arranging pipeline boosters at the closest position to the tank outlet. The conveying system is a dense phase uncleaning system, and the breathing of the sending tank is controlled by a pinch valve for pressure relief.

All conveying pipelines are ceramic lined pipes. After being transported from the sending tank sending room, the pipeline is vertically lifted to the height of the second floor platform for the first time. After conveying the bend, add a pipeline booster to the nearest position. The conveying pipeline runs horizontally along the second floor platform, with a horizontal distance of approximately 160 meters.

Boosters are used throughout the pipeline. Approximately every 3 meters apart. Ensure the stable operation of the dense phase transportation and uncleaning system without material blockage. The pipeline is lifted vertically upwards for the second time. Elevate to the 3rd floor platform. After the pipeline reaches the third floor platform, it is transported into the receiving hopper. Weigh the material and proceed to the next process.

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