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Case study of the mixing system for plastic recycling PET bottles and sheets

  • Release time: 2023-10-19

Project Introduction:

Project content: Two mixing systems

Supply form: ton bags

Material type: PET bottle slices

Conveying capacity: 5 tons/hour for bottle slices, 20 tons/hour for slicing




Process description:

There are three parts: open bag transportation of ton packages, cyclic mixing, and pneumatic transportation of packaging.

Ton bag opening conveying: Taking a single conveying line as an example, the operator lifts the ton bag to the top of the ton bag opening station through an electric hoist. The manually unpacked material falls into the ton bag station by its own weight, and then passes through an escape hopper, a rotary valve, and a power dilute phase conveying provided by a Roots blower to transport the PET particles to the mixing bin, achieving the separation of particles and dust. The dusty gas is filtered by a centralized dust collector and discharged to meet the dust emission standards; Priority is given to selecting the first mixing silo for transportation. When this silo reaches a high material level, the material is transported to the second mixing silo through a directional valve switch; At this point, the first mixing silo enters the self mixing cycle stage.


Analysis of system key points:

Positive pressure dilute phase conveying capacity after opening the bag for bottle and tablet ton bags: 5t/h;

Circulating mixing capacity 10T/H;

Negative pressure vacuum feeding capacity of 3T/H (single production line);

PET particle mixing system (one mixing system for crystalline and one mixing system for amorphous particles)

After opening the bag, the positive pressure dilute phase conveying capacity of the sliced ton package is 20t/h;

The conveying capacity of the circulating mixing system (conveying capacity of the rotary valve and fan): 20 t/h (downstream packaging conveying design capacity of 20 t/h).

Volume of mixing silo: 160m ³。

After dust removal, the air can be directly discharged and must meet the current emission standards.





On site installation photos:




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