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Case study of conveying system project

  • Release time: 2023-10-19

Project Introduction:

Project content: Daily production of 45 tons of basalt fiber mixture conveying system

Supply form: ton bags, tanker

Material type: basalt, pyrophyllite, silicon powder, lithium carbonate, mirabilite

Conveying capacity: 6-8 tons/hour; 15-18 tons/hour

Transportation distance: 15 meters from the tank truck to the tower depot; 150 meters from the tower warehouse to the batching hopper; 80 meters from the mixing hopper to the kiln head.




Process description:

Tons of materials are unloaded through the unpacking station. The unloading material falls into the sending tank below by gravity. The material from the sending tank is transported through a dense phase conveying pipeline with a booster, divided into two paths: one enters the material storage bin; The other way enters the weighing and measuring hopper.

The bottom of the material storage hopper is connected to the sending tank, and the material that enters the sending tank through gravity falls through a dense phase conveying pipeline with a booster. It is then switched through a three-way reversing valve and merged into another pipeline above that enters the weighing and measuring hopper.

The multi-component weighing and measuring hopper is measured by weight loss, proportioning, gas mixing, and then enters the sending tank. The sending tank also sends the mixed materials into the next process flow through a dense phase conveying pipeline with a booster.





Analysis of system key points:

Easy to unpack, no dust flying.

The material flow rate is low, the pipe wall wear is small, and the transported material is basically undamaged.

The ratio accuracy meets customer requirements and the mixture is uniform.

The overall system is uniformly integrated and controlled, making it easy and flexible to operate. After debugging, it runs continuously for 48 hours without any faults.



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